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Your Roof And Storms

Preparing for Summer Storms

As summer approaches, especially in Oklahoma, it can bring nasty storms. Storms can completely tear off shingles, beat shingles down, and even cause structural damage to your roof and home. Ultimately, you cannot prevent the storms from doing damage to your home, but you can certainly prepare your home to better handle high winds, hail, and heavy rain.

Have an inspection done during the spring to make sure your roof is in good shape. Your roof may have incurred cracks, leaks, and other damage during the wintertime. This damage can weaken your roof, which makes your roof more prone to storm damage. A weak roof can be significantly damaged by storms. Having a roof inspection done before the storms roll in will allow you to make repairs and strengthen your roof.

One overlooked piece of home/roof maintenance is cleaning your gutters. Clogged gutters can increase the likelihood of leaks when heavy rains come. Cleaning them out will allow your roof’s drainage system to function properly.

Lastly, make sure to cut down tree limbs that hang over your roof. Strong storms can knock branches and leaves loose. Leaves on your roof can lead to mold and moss growth and can clog your gutters, while falling tree limbs can cause structural damage to your roof.

Preparing Your Business or Facility for a Storm

When storms are in the forecast, chances are you are thinking about your home and how to stay safe. While this is very important, you should also keep your business in mind. Severe storms can wreak havoc on business facilities. It can cost you to repair and may shut down your business temporarily, potentially affecting employees. Preparation can go a long way in protecting your business and protecting the employees inside it.

One way to prepare is to simply have a plan in place in case disaster strikes. In order to keep business flowing if your office is damaged, purchase the office supplies you may need should you have to work remotely for a time.

In the case of a tornado, have an evacuation plan in place to take shelter in the safest part of the facility. Additionally, should a storm hit during work hours, have necessary supplies such as cell phones, flashlights, water, snacks, and even generators.

Finally, make sure you understand what your insurance will cover. Inquire on your worker’s compensation plan to make sure storm-related employee injuries are covered. Additionally, find out if a loss of profit due to storms is covered or if you will have to pay for it out of pocket.

Poor Weather and Your Roof

Severe weather impacts just about every part of society. Wind, hail, and snow can all cause damage and even shut down cities. It can also take its toll on your roof. Here are a few ways weather can impact your roof.

Strong winds, including tornadoes, can significantly damage your roof. Winds can cause impact damage by blowing debris on your roof, but they can also rip up shingles. Missing shingles can lead to leaks and even higher energy bills.

Hail is one of the most notorious severe weather events that can damage your roof. While large hail can damage the structure of your roof, small hail can tear off granules and put divots in your shingles. This wear and tear can lead to leaks and shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Snow and ice can cause damage as well, although this is not as common in Oklahoma. Large amounts of snow on your roof can weigh it down and weaken the integrity of your roof. Ice can settle on your roof and melt over time. However, as it slowly melts, it can also refreeze. As it melts, it can refreeze at the bottom of the roof, forming ice dams. Ice dams make it nearly impossible for your roof to properly drain, and this can lead to roof leaks. Additionally, water can seep down into crevices in your roof and shingles and freeze. The water expands as it freezes and can crack your shingles and cause damage.

When Disaster Strikes Your Business

Chances are, you have seen a business facility that has been damaged by a storm. High winds can rip off roofs and hail can damage buildings. These storms will not only cost you to repair the facility, but they can result in having to shut down the business until the building is repaired. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can prepare your building and employees for the next storm.

One thing you can do in the face of a storm is have a plan in place. If you have purchased enough office supplies and if you have a satellite place of work in mind, you can keep your business running in the short-term even if a storm damaged your home.

The most important thing during a storm is safety. Make sure to have an evacuation plan in place should a tornado strike during business hours. Included in this plan, you should have supplies such as food, water, and flashlights.

Lastly, check your insurance policy to see what is covered. Check on your worker’s compensation plan to see if storm-related injuries are covered. Generally, just have an idea of what you will have to pay for out-of-pocket if your business is hit by a severe storm. This will allow you to plan mentally and financially.

When You Find a Roof Leak

Finding a leak in your roof can be extremely frustrating. Not only is it frustrating to have to fix the leak, you could also have significant underlying damage if the leak has been there for some time. However, here are some things that will help you take back some of the control that was taken from you by the leak.

First, check your warranty and insurance information. This could potentially put time and money back in your hands.

Conduct a thorough inspection once you have spotted a leak. While you can do this on your own, we recommend you have a professional conduct the inspection. The professional will be more apt to spot leaks and other damage, and will be able to pinpoint the causes. Sometimes there can be underlying problems that only a professional can spot.

Once you have diagnosed the problem, you can have it fixed. Some small repairs can theoretically be done on your own, but we recommend have a professional conduct repairs. They will be much more comfortable working on the roof (which can be very dangerous) and they have the experience necessary to make a proper repair.

If you have any further questions regarding storms and your roof, you can contact us at 918-558-ROOF.

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