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What To Consider Before Repairing or Replacing A Tile Roof

Tile Roofs Have Been In Use For Thousands Of Years

They are extremely durable, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, and they look great. However, they can become damaged just like any other form of roofing. How should you go about repairing this damage? Here are three things to consider before repairing or replacing your tile roof.

Take a look at the tile. If damage has occurred to more than 50% of the tiles on your roof, you should have your roof completely replaced rather than just repaired. It is more cost effective to simply replace the roof.

Make sure you know the condition of the underlayment. Tile roofs can let water through that is stopped by an underlayment to keep the roof waterproof. If this underlayment is worn, you may incur a lot of damage.

Lastly, the flashing system should be evaluated. If the flashing system is in great shape, a roof repair may be sufficient. However, check with a roofing professional before deciding whether or not to repair or replace your roof.

If you have any further questions, would like to schedule a roof inspection, or need to have your roof repaired or replaced, give us a call at 918-558-ROOF.

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