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What Are Designer Shingles

Generic asphalt shingle roofs are still the most common form of roofing.

But advancements in technology have more homeowners interested in customization. One way customization is possible is through designer shingles. Many homeowners have expressed an interest in designer shingles, but what exactly are they?

Designer shingles are a form of asphalt shingle roofing. With designer shingles though, the asphalt shingles are layered and cut to fit the look the homeowner wants. In fact, designer shingles can be layered and cut to look like wood shakes or tile roofs. The benefit is that designer shingles are less expensive.

Customization is also possible through different colored shingles. This means that designer shingles can not only be cut to look like different materials, they can also be colored that way. The shingles can be cut to look like clay tiles and can then be colored to look like them as well. While the material is not clay and the roof does not last as long, it is an inexpensive way to create a premium looking roof.

Designer shingles certainly can save you money on roofing, but they will cost more than the generic asphalt shingle roof. They may also be heavier than the average roof, which could require more maintenance on your part.

If you have any other questions about designer shingles or if you would like to have a designer roof installed, contact our office at 918-558-ROOF.

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