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Should You Purchase An Asphalt Shingle Roof?

As you may be aware, asphalt shingle roofs are the number one choice of roofing material today.

You can primarily see them on residential buildings, from homes to apartment complexes. This begs the question, why are they used so much?

Asphalt shingle roofs have been proven to get the job done. They protect homes very well while being inexpensive. One of the best things about asphalt shingle roofs is that they can last for 20 years and are very durable, but they are also very lightweight and are easy to install. They are also very customizable with different color options and patterns.

However, since these shingles are protected by granules rather than being solid in themselves, leaks can other damage can happen as granules wear off over time. Leaks can also form as shingles crack due to sun damage, age, or storm damage. Lastly, an asphalt shingle roof might not be a good option if your home is your forever home, as you will have to have your roof replaced after about 20 years. Other styles of roofing can last for over 50 years.

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