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Should I Install A Cedar Shake Roof

A great alternative to a common asphalt roof is a cedar shake roof.

Not only are these roofs environmentally-friendly, but they provide a rustic aesthetic that is unmatched. But is a cedar shake roof a good choice for anyone? Would it be a good choice for you?

Cedar shakes are good for those who live in extreme climates. They are very energy efficient. Not only does this mean there will be less waste in these extreme climates, but there will also be lower energy bills for you.

Additionally, cedar shake roofs are very durable. They can withstand severe storms better than some other types of roofing. They can also last for nearly 10 to 15 years longer than an average asphalt shingle roof.

Cedar shake roofs, however, do come with a higher cost and more maintenance than asphalt shingle roofs. Since these roofs are organic, mold and moss growth is common on cedar shake roofs. Since mold and moss can be hazardous to your roof and your health, these should be removed. This means more maintenance for you. Additionally, these roofs are not as common as asphalt shingle roofs. Having one installed in an area with a lot of asphalt shingle roofs could harm your ability to sell your home.

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