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Roofing Tips

Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

Let’s face it. Choosing a roofing contractor can be difficult work, especially for a first-timer. Many have no idea who or what to look for, and others do not even know where to begin. Well, we are here to help.

Many times, roofers pop up all over the city after a storm occurs. Many just want to take advantage of a chance to make money, but they do not have the experience required to protect you and do a quality job. Check the BBB website for a prospective roofer to see how long they have been in business or even if they are certified. You can check out reviews from people in the area here as well.

Another thing to look for is a roofer’s insurance coverage. If a roofer does not have adequate worker’s comp coverage, the bill for an injured worker could end up in your hands. Ask a prospective roofer about the coverage they have.

Additionally, make sure a roofer has good warranty options. Their warranties should be long-lasting, thorough, and reflect the roofer’s confidence in their work. This is a good sign you are working with a quality roofer.

Tips for Filing a Roof Repair Insurance Claim

Severe storms can bring a lot of damage. Unfortunately, this damage can sometimes occur to your roof, and taking the time to file an insurance claim can be time-consuming. However, it is well worth it. Here are a few tips for filing a roof insurance claim.

First, inspect your roof for damage that may have occurred during the storm. This should be done as quickly as possible to increase the chance of having your claim approved. While you can look over your roof on your own, it is wise to have a professional come inspect your roof for a more accurate assessment. This will decrease any chance of you getting hurt as well.

Document any damage that was spotted during the inspection. Not only should you write this information down on paper, but you should take pictures and videos of the damage as well.

Finally, check your insurance policy to see what is covered. This will save you some time and potentially some money as well. Once you have found what is covered by your insurance, you can go ahead and use the information you collected and file your insurance claim.

Return on Investment on Your Roof

If your home is older, you may be thinking about replacing your roof before selling. A new roof helps assure buyers and adds curb appeal, but does it add value to your home? Here are a couple things to think about before replacing your roof.

Replacing your roof before selling your home will improve the soundness of the home. Most buyers are turned off by age and damage, so replacing your roof will give them peace of mind and increase the chance of selling your home.

A new roof should also come with new insulation. This will result in lower energy costs for you and a prospective buyer, which can be an important selling point.

The actual return on investment, however, will be seen when selling the home. A brand new, solid roof will be appealing to buyers and, if it is an inexpensive system like an asphalt shingle roof, a buyer may be willing to pay more for the home. On the flip side, an expensive roofing system can result in losing money. It can be nearly impossible to recoup the full amount you spent on an expensive, new roofing system.

Typically, a 60% return on investment on a new roof can be expected by sellers.

Mistakes Homeowners Make Filing an Insurance Claim

When your roof is damaged in the event of a storm or other disaster, the stress can be immense. The costs are unexpected and can be enormous. Luckily, having a good insurance policy can take this load off. However, many homeowners have never had to file a roof insurance claim before and they may make mistakes that we want to help you avoid. Here are a few mistakes a lot of homeowners make when filing a roof insurance claim.

The biggest mistake most homeowners make when filing a roof insurance claim is they call the insurance company first. You should call your roofing contractor before contacting the insurance company. The contractor will be able to assess all of the damage and give you an accurate assessment that you can then forward on to your insurance company.

Another mistake homeowners make is filing a claim without properly understanding their warranties. Many times, natural disasters are not covered by warranties, but homeowners go in with the understanding that they are. Make sure to thoroughly understand your warranty before filing a claim.

Lastly, many homeowners do not give proper documentation when filing a claim. A homeowner must prove that the roof damage was not caused by negligence. For this reason, a homeowner should keep documentation that they are maintaining their roof and should have proof that their roof was in good condition prior to the damaging event.

Why you need to understand roofing certification

Roofing certification may be more important than most homeowners realize. Many roofers will publicly state that they are GAF certified, Owens Corning certified, or CertainTeed certified, but what does this mean to an average consumer?

Roofing certification is a telltale sign of a quality roofer. The company that certifies a roofer, such as GAF, is essentially endorsing a roofer. This means they are putting their reputation on the line by backing a roofer. A roofing material manufacturer will only certify roofers they are confident in, so certified roofers are guaranteed to do the job right the first time.

Outdoor Creations Roofing is GAF certified. This means we are licensed, have insurance that will protect customers, will continue to train employees, and will continue to install quality materials the right way the first time.

Certified roofers will offer good warranty options, which requires certifiers like GAF to be thoroughly confident in the companies they are certifying. If a product fails, GAF may have to foot the bill. So, they will not certify a company they are not confident in.

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