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Keeping Gutters and Drains Clean in the Fall

There is no doubt that regular roof maintenance is important both for commercial roofs and residential roofs. Commercial roofs, however, present especially important tasks. Since these roofs are flat and not pitched like residential roofs, a lack of maintenance can result in catastrophe. One of the most important times a commercial roof needs maintenance is during the fall. Here are a few things you can do this fall to keep your commercial roof functioning properly.

Fall leaves and fall rain can create a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungi should it be left unattended. This can cause damage to the roof and damage to the health of those inside the building. Additionally, it can block drains, leading to standing water on your roof. Even shallow standing water can add significant weight to your roof, causing leaks and even roof failure. Standing water can also freeze during the wintertime, expanding any small cracks the water may have intruded.

A maintenance crew should be able to head up to the roof and spot debris, especially around drains. Once they spot the debris, it should be removed. A professional inspection can help spot damage to the roof caused by debris, and a course of action can be taken to repair the damage.

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