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Green Roofing Options

Green, or environmentally-friendly, products are very popular

And this trend is no different in the roofing industry. Here are a few roofing materials that will save you money and help save the environment in the process.

White Membrane Roofing:

White membrane roofs can reflect nearly 90% of the sun’s UV rays, while a typical asphalt roofs absorbs a lot of this heat. As a roof absorbs heat, it makes it more difficult for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature. A reflective roof, however, keeps heat away and lessens the burden on your home. This means a more reflective roof will save you money and lessen emissions caused by producing electricity.

Green Roofing:

These roofs are composed of soil and plants. They reflect heat very well, are completely natural, and create a space with cleaner air. Additionally, green roofs are very effective at storm drainage.

Tile Roofing:

Another green, under-the-radar option is tile roofing. Since these roofs are made up of clay, they are completely natural and do not contain harmful chemicals like some other roofs do. They also last a long time and can be recycled. Additionally, clay tiles make for a very energy-efficient roof, saving you money and decreasing emissions.

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