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Do I Need Valley Metal on My Roof?

Your roof has valleys. Valleys are formed when two sloped areas of a roof are joined together.

These perform extremely important functions on steep-sloped roofs, namely to channel water down the roof and into the gutter. Most roofs have a metal sheet installed in the valley, but is this necessary?

The metal typically installed in the roof valley is galvanized sheet metal. This metal resists corrosion and is lightweight, making it an ideal choice of material. This is called an open valley. A closed valley is when roofing materials, such as shingles, as installed in the valley to channel water. Closed valleys look better than open valleys and can be cheaper as well. However, water can get underneath the shingles on closed valleys if installation was improper. So, which is best?

In all reality, you do not need valley roof metal. Both closed valleys and open valleys work well to channel water. You should consider both options when having a new roof installed. Talk with a roofer to find out what they recommend and what they usually do on the roofs they install.

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