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Curb Appeal and Your Home

Curb appeal is very important when looking to sell your home.

Curb appeal also gives you a more pleasant ownership experience while you own your home. While adding a fresh coat of paint to your siding or having a new roof installed are great ways to boost curb appeal, you can also liven up your home through landscaping. Here are a few ways that landscaping can add curb appeal to your home.

It should go without saying that your yard should look alive. What we mean is it should look well-watered and colorful, not yellow or almost dead.

Make sure your yard is balanced. It should be organized and should include some symmetry. Disorganization makes your yard look messy and will turn off buyers.

Create layers in your landscaping by adding flowers and other foliage. For example, add flowers and small green plants in front of the shrubs that line your home. This will add depth and a pop of color to an otherwise boring landscape.

Lastly, do not overdo it. Landscaping that is too extravagant may leave buyers wondering how they could possibly tend to all of the plants. Keep it clean, bright, and as simple as possible.

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