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Curb Appeal and Your Gutters

Damaged Gutters Certainly Will Hurt Curb Appeal

When looking to upgrade the look of your home, you may only consider new paint, landscaping, or a new roof. However, your gutters have a large impact on the look of your home. The right gutters can make your home look great and will keep your roof’s drainage system functioning properly. Choosing the right material to match your roof can give your home an extra pop of curb appeal. Here are a few reasons why you should think about replacing your gutters before selling your home:

If there are visible defects on your home, a buyer may feel cosmetic damage is a sign of underlying damage. Even if you are not upgrading the material, replacing damaged gutters can go a long way when it comes time to sell.

Replacing the material can also go a long way in increasing the curb appeal of your home. Many homes come with vinyl gutters and replacing these with aluminum or copper gutters provides a more premium look and give your home a natural, rustic flare. Additionally, gutters come in many different shapes. A professional will be able to walk you through which shape is best for your home.

If you would like to schedule gutter repair or replacement for your home, or if you have any questions about what gutter style might be best for you, give us a call at 918-558-ROOF.