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Common Problems with Flat Roofs

Commercial flat roofs, while not perfectly flat, are much flatter than your typical residential asphalt shingled roof.

This difference can result in problems that a normal homeowner will not experience. Here are a few of these problems that a business owner should be aware of and keep out an eye for.

One common problem for flat roofs is alligatoring. Alligatoring is caused by aging of a flat roof, and is named due to the bubbling and cracking of the asphalt that looks like alligator skin. This is a critical sign that your flat roof needs to be replaced.

Flat roofs are also prone to buckling. Flat roofs, unlike shingle roofs, are made up of one continuous asphalt membrane. This means that as the house shifts over time, so will the roof, and this can cause the roof to buckle.

Water can easily pool on flat roofs. While these roofs are not perfectly flat, water can still pool i dips in the roof. Pooled water should be drained as quickly as possible, since it can lead to leaks, mold and moss growth, and other roof damage.

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