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Advantages of Roof Coatings

It is no secret that lighter colored clothing stays cooler than darker colored clothing.

This same phenomenon applies to roofs. However, replacing a dark roof with a light roof is easier said than done. Fortunately, lighter colored roof coatings exist to make the transition easier. Here are four advantages of using a roof coating.

Reduced Cooling Bills

Roof coatings work to reflect UV rays from the roof instead of absorbing them. Ultimately, this creates a cooler roof which creates a cooler building, lowering your energy bills, especially during the summer months.

Extended Roof Life

Roof coatings also create an extra layer of protection on your roof. Not only does this barrier reflect the sun’s rays, it can even improve the water-resistance of your roof. Ultimately, these two things will lengthen the life of your roof by decreasing damage done over time.

Useful with A Variety of Materials

Roof coatings can be used on many different styles of roof, including asphalt roofs, metal roofs, composite roofs, wood roofs, and more, both on residential and commercial roofs. However, applying a roof coating may affect your warranty, so check beforehand to make sure.

Fade Resistance

Since roof coatings protect your roof from the elements and from the sun’s rays, your roof will maintain its color better over time, giving you more appeal when it’s time to sell.

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