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Fixing A Noisy Downspout

A noisy downspout can be very annoying. The constant pattering of water as it drains from your roof can drive a homeowner mad. The good news is that, this is a fixable issue. With a few tweaks, you can eliminate this noise and get your sanity back.

One easy way to get rid of this annoying noise is to fix the angle at which your downspout is situated. When the elbow at the bottom of the downspout is straight down from where the water is falling, it will drain and bang against the elbow. Simply pulling the downspout away from the house will cause the water to hit and trickle down the side, which will significantly reduce noise.

Another way to reduce noise is to replace the elbow at the bottom of the downspout. Many times, this piece is made of metal and can cause an echo. Switching to a vinyl or plastic piece can reduce noise and muffle the sound.

Finally, putting other materials at the bottom of the downspout can do wonders as well. Taking an old shingle, foam, or artificial turf and cutting it to fit in the elbow will soften the blow from the falling water and make your downspout much quieter.

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