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How To Fix A Buckling Roof:

A buckling roof not only looks bad, it is dangerous for everything inside the home or business. A buckling roof occurs when the decking becomes warped or the decking shifts underneath the shingles. This typically is caused by poor installation or by the use of improper materials. You can usually spot a buckled roof by observing ripples or waves in the roof’s surface. Since a buckled roof can harm the contents of a home or business, and because it generally looks so bad, here are a few ways you should approach repairing a buckling roof.

When your roof buckles, the plywood decking underneath the shingles will move out of place and push up on the shingles. This is what causes the wave-like patterns in a buckling roof. Unfortunately, since the decking is the problem, it can be a pretty nasty project.

Unless you are a professional roofer, you should have a professional fix a buckling roof. First, the shingles must be removed to replace the damaged decking. After this stage, a whole host of things can occur. The source of the problem must be determined so it can be fixed. This could be a leak problem or even a ventilation problem. Sometimes, the spacing between the plywood was miscalculated. In these cases, the entire roof will need to be replaced. These are jobs that require a professional.

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