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Outdoor Christmas Light Hanging Tips:

Whether it be Christmas, Halloween, or any other festive holiday, it is always fun to get out and put up some lights to light up your yard and show your festive spirit. If you have ever seen well-decorated houses and have wondered how they do that, here are some tips to make your house the most captivating on the block.

1st: Make sure you have a well-weighted ladder and have picked out stable places around your house to place your ladder. It is also wise to enlist a family member or friend to help keep the ladder steady. It is most important to remain safe when hanging your lights.

2nd: It is important to figure out a color scheme and draw up a plan for your house. Take out a tape measure and measure the distance along your created path so you know how many strands of lights to purchase.

3rd: Make sure to purchase clips to hold your lights along your house. These will keep your lights in place as your string them up, and will provide a more appealing look. You can find clips for hanging lights on your shingles, gutters, or even nail-in clips for hanging lights around windows. You should take note of where you will hang the lights so you know what types of clips to purchase.

3rd: Purchase your lights and clips.

4th: Plug in your lights when you get home to check for burned-out bulbs.

5th: Begin stringing up your lights. Take care to evenly place the clips in order to give your lights a sharper edge as they outline your house.

6th: Flip the switch on your lights and dazzle the neighborhood!

Start out with just the trim or a couple of bushes and add new displays each year!

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