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Save Energy By Adding Insulation To Your Attic:

Don’t wait any longer to insulate your attic! Adding insulation to your attic can save you on unnecessary energy expenses. Whether it is summer or winter, adding insulation to your attic will keep your home at a more constant temperature.

Insulation can be installed in a variety of ways. Just a few examples are: blown-in insulation, faced insulation, unfaced insulation, roll insulation, and foam insulation. Each of these varieties have different pros and cons, so talk to a professional about which insulation is right for your home.

As was previously mentioned, adding insulation to your attic can save you money. It is also beneficial for the environment. Taking energy-saving measures will reduce pollution because the power plants will not need to produce as much energy.

An under-insulated attic can also lead to moisture damage. With the less insulation, the heat in your attic can reach your roof during the wintertime. When snow falls on your roof, the heat will melt it and can cause ice dams, which ultimately can cause all sorts of moisture related damage to your roof and home.

Attic insulation is an easy step to take to protect the environment, your home, and your family. If you have any questions about your attic space or roof damage, call us at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).