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Leaves Are An Enemy To Your Roof

As summer turns to autumn, fall leaves become pleasant to admire. They seem relatively harmless, but they are actually an enemy to your roof. They can lead to various types of damage, ranging from minor to severe.

Fall leaves collecting on your roof may, at the very least, be annoying. However, they can also cause major damage. Leaves, as they collect, create a moist atmosphere that blocks sunlight from drying out your roof. This creates a breeding ground for mold and moss growth. Both mold and moss can cause damage to your roof as they grow, and they can cause health problems inside your home as well. It is safest to simply clean the leaves off your roof if you notice a large buildup.

Leaves can also block the flow of water to your gutters or clog your gutters entirely. Water that is unable to drain from your roof will more easily seep through crevices in your roof and cause leaks. It can also flow over the sides of your gutters, which can eat at the foundation of your home and cause water damage in your walls.

If you are uncomfortable cleaning the leaves off your roof or out of your gutters, give us a call at (918) 558-ROOF (7663) and we’ll do it for you!