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Roof Damage Repair: What To Look For After Big Storms

Severe storms can cause damage, and are especially prevalent in Oklahoma. They usually strike during the spring months and they leave home and business owners with roof damage and the costly repairs that come with it. Sometimes, however, severe storms can cause damage that is difficult to spot. What, then, should you keep an eye out for following a big storm?

Hail damage is one of the most common forms of damage following a storm, and it can be seen in multiple ways. One way is through dents on your gutters. If you spot dents on your gutters, it is a good indicator that you should check your roof as well.

Hail damage on your roof can look like little holes or divots in your shingles. It can also knock granules loose from your shingles. If you spot granules in your gutters following a storm, or some shingles looking barer than others, you can be relatively sure you encountered hail damage.

Strong winds can also cause damage to your roof. They can shake granules loose, completely tear shingles loose, and cause shingles to curl or break.

Sometimes hail and wind damage can be difficult to spot, so play it safe if you think your roof was damaged and get a professional to take a look.

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