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Solar Powered Attic Fans

Your roof, especially in hot climates, can heavily influence the cost of your energy bills. Most notably, darker colored roofs absorb a lot of heat and that heat transfers into your attic space and your home. If replacing your roof is not an option, ventilation can help bring down the cost of your energy bills. One way this has been attempted Is through solar powered attic fans.

Solar powered attic fans are fans that remain in your attic while the solar power source is placed on your roof. Since it is solar, it will not affect your energy bills, and can cool down your attic and any upstairs rooms that get unusually warm during the summertime.

While these fans certainly work to cool off your upstairs living areas, they do not really save you that much money. A solar powered fan, plus installation, can easily cost $400 to $750, and they will typically only save you about $40 a year. Purchasing a more reflective roof will save you much more money each year than a solar powered fan. However, purchasing a new roof is not always in the budget. In that case, a solar powered attic fan is a great solution to cool off your home during the summer without much added cost.

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