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Are Black Roofs A Bad Thing?

Black roofs are a common choice for homeowners and for good reason. They look great and create plenty of curb appeal. In addition, black roofs match a variety of paint colors on houses very easily, making them a great choice for the long haul. However, are there negatives to having a black roof on your home?

The summer months can get exceptionally hot, especially in Oklahoma. On hot days, your attic can reach upwards of 150 degrees. A roof that can reflect heat will help keep some of that heat out of your attic and ultimately lower your energy bills. Black roofs, however, do not reflect heat very well. Compared to a lighter colored roof, they will reflect much less and absorb more heat.

Black roofs will absorb large amounts of heat and can raise energy bills, but they look great and are a good long term option. If you desire a black roof, proper roof ventilation can go a long way in keeping down your energy costs. However, in hot cliates, lighter roofs are typically recommended.

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