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Why Do Roofs Turn Green?

If you live in a relatively wet climate, chances are you have seen a discolored roof. Roofs can turn a variety of colors for a variety of reasons. Have you ever wondered why? Here are a few reasons why your roof could unexpectedly start turning green.

Following a period of rain, your roof becomes susceptible to the growth of algae and moss. In most cases, the roof will be able to dry out in the sun and moss and algae are never an issue. However, a lengthy period of overcast skies or continuous rain can allow moss and/or algae to grow and spread. As the algae and moss grow, they will lead to a discoloration of your roof, turning it green. While the type of roof that comes to mind is a typical asphalt roof, moss and algae growth can actually occur on any variety of roof.

Additionally, large areas of tree cover over your roof can help spread algae and moss growth. Large areas of tree cover prevent your roof from drying out after it rains, which creates a breeding ground for the algae and moss. However, algae and moss growth can be stopped.

Keeping tree branches trimmed will eliminate overhanging limbs that create damp areas on your roof. Also, if you notice your roof starting to turn green, it is wise to contact a professional to clean your roof. It is possible to remove it on your own, but hiring a professional will ensure that the job is done safely and right.

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