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What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

In our part of the country when severe storm season rolls around, everyone keeps an eye out for hail damage to their cars or other objects that spend a good amount of time outdoors. However, hail can also cause extensive damage to your roof yet it is not always easy to spot. So what does hail damage on the roof look like?

Here are a few tips for you to look for.

One blatant sign of hail damage is dented gutters. This is not always indicative of further damage on the roof, but it is a pretty good indicator that your roof has taken some blows.

Another spot to check are the vents on your roof. If you can spot chipped or dinged metal on these vents, you probably have hail damage on the roof. By the way, you should probably have those vents repaired.

Your shingles protect your roof and home from water and the elements in general. However, significant hail can cause damage to your shingles. In your sweep for identifying hail damage, if you see some granules that have come loose from your shingles or if you spot a divot in them, it’s a tell tale sign of hail damage.

You might think this isn’t much of a problem since there is no hole in your roof but it can lead to leaks in your home which means higher energy bills for you.

If you follow these tips and realize you have hail damage to your roof, we know how to fix it. If you look over your roof and are still unsure whether or not you have hail damage, give us a call to schedule an inspection at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).