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Can Birds Damage My Roof?

Whether you live in the countryside or in the suburbs, birds can frequently be spotted on your roof. While this is such a common occurrence that many homeowners don’t think twice about it, it is important to ask whether or not birds can damage your roof.

Birds landing on and flying around your house may seem innocent enough, but they can actually cause damage. Birds typically have a very acidic diet therefore their droppings are also very acidic. If their droppings happen to land on your roof, it can eat away at your shingles and over time cause roof damage.

This damage can lead to all sorts of roof and structural problems and might cost you thousands of dollars to repair. It is wise to keep an eye out for bird droppings on your roof and clean them off from time to time with a garden hose.

Birds can also nest in your gutters. This may seem harmless at first, but their nests can clog up your roof’s drainage system. This can lead to water pooling on your roof, which increases the chance that the water will leak into your house.

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