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What are Designer Shingles?

While most homes are covered by generic asphalt shingles, a relatively new trend has hit the roofing industry. More and more homeowners have decided to have roofs installed that show off their personal style. These designer shingles make homes look great and add a personal flare in the process. But what exactly are designer shingles?

Designer shingles, in reality, are just asphalt shingles. However, the asphalt shingles are layered in order to give them a three-dimensional appearance. Once layered, they can be cut to a certain style that appeals to the homeowner. One neat attribute of designer shingles is they can be cut to look like other roofing materials. They can be formed to look like wood shakes or even clay tile roofs.

Another cool feature of designer shingles is that they come in many different colors. As I previously mentioned, designer shingles can be cut to look like clay tiles. They can also be given a rust color to match the color of clay tiles. While the durability and lifespan won’t be the same, this is a cheaper way to show off the same great look of a classic clay tile roof.

While designer shingles look great and can save you money depending on the style you are looking for, they will cost you more than your average asphalt roof. Also, since they are composed of layers of shingles, they will be heavier than a typical roof. This could result in more maintenance over the life of the roof.

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